SuperFan Program

The Tezos Superfan Program is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative that helps and rewards individuals who actively contribute to the growth and success of the Tezos ecosystem. By participating in the program, you can become an advocate for Tezos, spreading the word about its unique features and benefits to the wider community. As an ambassador, you'll have access to exclusive resources, networking opportunities, and recognition for your contributions. There will be multiple categories of superfans, including event hosts, translators, content creators, and more.

Apply To Become a SuperFan Today!

Currently we are looking for Event Hosts as our first category of Tezos enthusiasts who want to organize and host physical Tezos events that advance education, networking, and discussion of the Tezos Ecosystem around the world with the support of our program. For more info and how to apply, click on the form below.

Events Host Application