Built by the Community

Tezos Commons supports the ideas, individuals and organizations dedicated to building the digital commonwealth. We empower the community to be the architects through bootstrapping local communities, communications, promotion, education, funding open source initiatives and advocacy.

Looking for how to get involved? Learn how to contribute and earn rewards.

Discover Tezos


Tezos is a blockchain that can evolve by upgrading itself. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself, to reach social consensus on proposals. Tezos supports smart contracts and offers a platform to build decentralized applications.

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Developer Portal

Dive into the Tezos protocol with open-licensed developer documentation and automatically in sync with the main network. Learn about the Tezos protocol, the voting process, and the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm. In addition, dev docs feature tutorials on how to build on Tezos with the programming language Michelson, as well as operating a Tezos node.

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The source code of Tezos is placed under the MIT Open Source License and all development takes place on Gitlab. There are over 40 contributors from development teams across the globe and over 3000 commits since alphanet.

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Block Explorer

There are several community-built block explorers in the Tezos ecosystem that enable you to check blocks, operations, transactions, and proposals. Block explorers enable you to analyze the network, glance over key data, and measure the health of the network.

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Explore Tezos


TezTalks Live is our virtual meetup series that is streamed in real time with the actors of Tezos ecosystem. TezTalks Radio is a video podcast that finds the “why” behind the latest Tezos news and discover the stories behind the people of Tezos.

Kukai Wallet

Kukai is a security minded web wallet built for Tezos. Bake, stake, and access your Tez from anywhere.

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Tezos Stack

We pride ourselves as a global, vibrant community of builders and enthusiasts. Tezos is one of the few projects with it’s own dedicated Tezos Stack Exchange page, an excellent Q/A platform and a premier development resource. Feel free to engage with the Tezos developer community and find answers to your technical questions.

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