The mission of Tezos Commons Foundation is to foster the growth of the global Tezos ecosystem through the identification, funding and execution of projects that drive community growth, awareness and success.

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A Foundation by and for the Community

Tezos Commons Foundation is a US based non-profit corporation. The foundation was formed in the spring of 2018, and leadership was elected through a collaborative effort of over 70 global Tezos community leaders.

TCF is an independent entity that supports and guides community endeavors across the Tezos Commonwealth. We work closely with other Tezos operating organizations and provide a critical bridge between the vision of the the Core Engineering team, the resources of Tezos Foundation, and the passion of the broader ecosystem of users, delegates, developers, businesses, and enthusiasts.

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Domains of Interest

Development Grants

TCF will accept, evaluate, and fund proposals for funding from across Tezos ecosystem. Funding comes from direct donations made to TCF as well as from future community lead endeavors. A funding process will be released in Q2, 2018.

Community Events

TCF will partner, sponsor and support global community activities such as meetups, hackathons, and conferences. A calendar of events will be published in Q2, 2018

Research & Education

TCF sponsors the creation of Tezos and blockchain oriented thought leadership. A solicitation process will be announced in Q2, 2018.

Community Updates

TCF maintains a community news feed and relationships with press, where we promote relevant community endeavors. This feed will be launched in Q2, 2018.

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