Ecosystem DAO

The Tezos Ecosystem DAO was designed to curate, vote on, and distribute tez for the benefit of various initiatives in the Tezos ecosystem. The DAO is governed by key holders, current participants include Tezos Commons, Trilitech, Tezos Domains Foundation, Tezos Foundation, and Tezos India Foundation. In its first iteration, the DAO’s treasury is funded from users buying Tezos protocol upgrade memorabilia NFT’s on This is an early stage endeavor and a proof of concept. The DAO may evolve over time based on your feedback.

How to Participate?

Anyone from the community may submit initiative applications to the DAO via Tezos Agora, after which the initiatives will be curated by Tezos Commons and proposed to the DAO on-chain. The ecosystem teams participating in the DAO will then vote on the funding request, and if approved, the proposal will be executed by the DAO and the funding amount distributed to the applicant. Funding requests are limited in size by the treasury of the DAO. To view the Tezos Ecosystem DAO, select the Mainnet DAO to view live on Tezos Homebase. To participate in governance discussions or requests for DAO grants, join us on Tezos Agora.

Participate on AgoraMainnet DAO NFT Collection


In its current stage, the Tezos Ecosystem DAO is a proof of concept. Governing it with a three of five multisig is a simple first step and we expect the DAO to more directly involve the wider community in the on-chain proposal and voting process in the future.

The DAO is currently funded from the proceeds of Tezos protocol upgrade memorabilia NFT sales on The artist who produced many of the past upgrade videos is Felipe. We are proud to start with Felipe’s work and are happy that he chooses to donate 100% of the sale proceeds flow to the DAO. Find the memorabilia here on Optionally you can donate directly to the DAO’s treasury contract found at KT1VA5SvdE9AU41GY4u7ik5WkTi1pMU4PiTz.

The Foundation currently holds one of the five keys that governs the DAO. In the future, the DAO could potentially receive some funding from the Tezos Foundation.

Submit your initiatives on Tezos Agora, you can find submitted proposals and announcements under the Homebase DAOs category

All initiatives that made a difference to Tezos and its ecosystem are considered. In some ways, it is comparable with our community rewards program. We start small and hope to grow together with you in the future.

The funding of initiatives is limited to the DAO’s treasury. You can see the funds managed by the DAO treasury here from a block explorer.

Meet Felipe and his work here: