Community Rewards Program

The Community Rewards Program (CRP) is a Tezos Commons Foundation initiative aimed at fostering adoption and supporting the Tezos ecosystem. Every month up to 5000 tez are rewarded to those that stand out in merit and act in the interest of the Tezos ecosystem as a whole. Any tez not rewarded in a given month will be rolled over for future use in the program.

How to Participate?

Complete and submit our CRP TypeForm below to nominate a community member for a monthly reward. (fill a type form or tag #TezosCRP on Twitter/Reddit/Discord/Telegram)

Nomination FormTag #TezosCRP

Award Categories

Drill Sergeant Award

For helping to onboard devs into the Tezos ecosystem. We all know Tezos is the greatest chain, frankly, we are helping make their lives much much better by supporting them to come to Tezos sooner rather than later.

Helping Hand Award

Helping people onboard and use Tezos, answering simple support questions or directing them to places they can find the answer or get help.

Influencer Award

Measured by getting the most social engagement and getting the hype train rolling, fighting trolls, encouraging large bakers to vote, going to real world events and spreading awareness and education of Tezos.

Tez Dev Award

For developers on Tezos. If you update a wiki, participate on the stack exchange, make git contributions, write Tezos code etc…

The Assimilation Award

This award is for artists and collectors, This reward for community members minting art on Tezos or helping onboard artists into the Tezos ecosystem.

The Formal Verification Award

For engaging in constructive exchange in Tezos and setting the example for good argumentation. Defining your terms, reasoning from first principles, sharing evidence for claims, avoiding offending or being offended, avoiding fallacies.

The Pâtissier Award

By bakers for bakers. For helping decentralize validation on Tezos. You can do this by becoming a baker, helping run the test networks and or helping people to move large amounts of Tezos off of exchanges.

Tezos Tutor Award

Educational award – Making informative videos, articles, tutorials even informative tweets, etc.

The TEO Award

For those in the ecosystem that have stood the test of time and gone above and beyond. They are, Tezos Executive Officers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! (please, once only though per qualifying category)

There is an opportunity to provide feedback at the end when you’re filling out the nomination form.

No, but being for Tezos first and foremost and making it clear in their profile certainly helps.

Winners will be announced every month here.

Rewards will be distributed via the Kukai Direct-Auth feature. You will access this by logging into your Kukai wallet with the associated social account, such as Twitter, Reddit, Gmail or Facebook.