Community Grants

What are Community Grants?

Community Grants is a funding initiative created by the Tezos Commons Foundation, with the aim to offer funding to projects that contribute and build on the Tezos ecosystem.

  • Fund Tezos social gatherings, meetups and events.
  • Generate interest in the blockchain and Tezos development community.
  • Build a wide array of Tezos educational materials to make available at no cost.
  • Provide community developers funds for the completion of community-based tools and projects.

How are projects selected?

The Tezos Commons Foundation (TCF) board of directors will review, communicate, and approve project funding for Q3/18 requests through a majority board vote. An independent advisory comittee will be developed to provide a transparent review process for future funding terms based on community priorities.

Funding Applicant Criteria

Follow the criteria to help expedite the approval process!

  • All proposals must be related to Tezos.
  • Current state of the project, and what is required to finish
  • Detailed account of expected or current expenses.
  • Accurate information on applicant(s) involved and details on past experience.
If you have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Submit a Proposal

Grant Funding Application
Global Meetup Application

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