Meet the Team

Craig Deveau

Craig is a seasoned product management professional with decades of experience in telecommunications and cybersecurity. He is a Tezos enthusiast and active contributor and moderator in the Tezos Riot channels and Trello boards.

Jonas Lamis

Jonas is an experienced technology marketer and is the proprietor of He can be found @tezoscommunity and on the Tezos Today YouTube channel. His favorite taco is a Rudy's breakfast taco with sausage, egg, cheese and potato.

Kate Sills

Kate is a researcher in the area of smart contracts and governance. She is an experienced backend web developer by trade, and her formal background is in computer science. She can be found at @kate_sills on Twitter.

Shaun Belcher

Shaun is an experienced systems engineer focused on process automation and optimization. Advisor for OrchestrumOS. Find him on Twitter @bitc0m.

Corey Soreff

Experienced software engineer and entrepreneur. Currently based in Tokyo working on AI/IoT solutions, and founder of Civy. Epic fantasy author. Can be found at @csoreff on Twitter.

Nithin Eapen

Nithin is the Chief Investment Officer at Arcadia Crypto Ventures and creator of the Belpointe cryptocurrency Index. Nithin is a Crypto-Evangelist, Advisor, Speaker, Trader and entrepreneurial business leader and will assist with moving the TCF forward.

Stephen Andrews

An experienced developer and Tezos open-source contributor. Stephen will assist in the technical areas of the TCF, as well as engaging with the developer community.

Sam Harrison

Samuel Harrison is TCF's Director of Operations. He has a decade of experience with operations and business development at Silicon Valley technology firms, and holds both a JD and an MBA. Find him on Twitter @xtzaccelerated.

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