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TCF launches a community blog

There is so much under development across the Tezos ecosystem that we want to make sure you have a place to read about the latest insights and updates. Subscribe to our blog on Medium to stay up to date.

Tezos T-shirt and Swag Store

With launch coming, we want to make sure we have some gear for the celebration! Check out the items in the new Tezos Swag Store — brought to you by TCF.

Tezos Basics with Jonas

What is TCF? Hear @jonaslamis talk about our organization and the opportunities to be a part of Tezos here.

TCF Sponsors Tezos events in Japan and China, and other locations coming soon.

Tezos at the Berkeley Blockchain Career Fair

TCF sponsored the Blockchain at Berkeley Career Fair in April. Almost 100 people registered interest in Tezos. You can learn more about the event success here.

Arthur Breitman and TCF at the Tokyo Tezos Meetup

Tezos co-founder Arthur Breitman presented at the Tokyo Tezos Meetup on April 26! Watch his presentation here.

Nithin Eapen at Blockchain Unbound 2018

TCF board member Nithin Eapen was interviewed at Blockchain Unbound 2018. Here are his views on the token ecosystem

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