Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Tezos Commons Foundation?

Tezos Commons Foundation, also known as TCF, is a grassroots organized community assembled to help drive and facilitate the creation and execution of community engagement activities exclusively promoting the Tezos protocol.

The mission of Tezos Commons Foundation is to foster the growth of the global Tezos ecosystem through the identification, funding and execution of projects that drive community growth, awareness and success.

Why did you start TCF?

TCF was created by the organizers of the community petition, read The Story and Voice of the Tezos Community, to ensure a strong Tezos community voice and impartial governance, management and support of ideas and projects.

How is TCF related to the Tezos Foundation?

TCF is a peer organization to the Tezos Foundation. TCF represents the voice of the Tezos ecosystem and works with all Tezos organizations - core developers, Tezos Foundation, and independent teams - to evolve the ecosystem.

Though the TCF is an autonomous entity separate from the Tezos Foundation, it may seek to secure funding from Tezos Foundation in order to complete community engagement projects that the larger Tezos Community favors.

The TCF will routinely take feedback and ideas from the Tezos Community and formally propose projects on their behalf. If approved, the TCF would then work with vendors to complete projects with the financial support of the Tezos Foundation.

How did the TCF leadership get elected?

The TCF board was elected by 70+ Tezos community members who had been active participants in the Riot channels. Elections were held in March, 2018 from a pool of community leaders who were nominated.

How were the TCF Riot Group members selected?

The voting members were active participants in the Tezos Riot channels and were known to the Tezos community as sincere supporters of Tezos. There was a need to quickly form TCF, so a balanced approach was taken to ensure timeliness while still considering the views of the wider community. In future, the community governance model will work toward including the entire community (including future XTZ holders after launch).

How much money does TCF have to give to projects?

TCF has been endowed with a generous donation from Diego Pons, former board member of the Tezos Foundation. We are grateful to Diego for his unselfish and continuous support of Tezos.

TCF anticipates significant donations from organizations and individuals in the Tezos ecosystem. TCF will also explore other possibilities for creating an ongoing stream of funds for projects.

What will TCF focus on funding

TCF will begin by funding:

  • Community engagement
  • Development projects
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Governance initiatives

TCF will consider funding meetups, hackathons, events and other local community activities that drive excitement for the Tezos protocol.

TCF will consider proposals for community projects & efforts such as development initiatives and communication platforms that enhance and enable greater collaboration and reach of the Tezos Community and Tezos protocol.

TCF will consider any proposals that drive marketing, communications & PR efforts such as sponsored and organic articles, industry interviews & posts, public speaking engagements and social media plans that raise awareness and brand equity for the Tezos brand.

TCF will lead in the development of Tezos governance protocols and methodologies that serve the community's best interests.

Are TCF board members compensated?

All TCF positions are currently unpaid, however, compensation structure will be decided by the elected board.

How and when will new board members be elected?

Current TCF board members are seated for a term of six months following the Mainnet launch of Tezos. Over this period of time the board will work with the broader Tezos community to develop a process for campaigning and elections to best represent the ecosystem.

What can I do to get involved?

There are a number of opportunities for community members to get involved in TCF. Four committees have been identified and will soon solicit interest from the broader community to help.

Community Marketing committee - working on marketing, events, social and web opportunities. Contact Jonas Lamis (@jonas on Riot, @bitcom on Riot)
Development Grants committee - working on process for receiving and evaluating grant requests (@StephenAndrews on Riot, @tokyo_Crypto on Riot)
Research and Education committee - developing relationships with thought leaders and producing original content (@Neapen on Riot, @Laprunminta on Riot)
Governance committee - researching and developing processes for internal government of TCF and the broader Tezos ecosystem (@Laprunminta on Riot, @forsetiT on Riot)

How do I submit a request for funding for an event or a project?

Before soliciting funding requests from the community the interim board will collaborate with a development grants committee to decide on criteria and restrictions in foundation’s selection process. We expect a grant submission process to be announced in Q2 2018.

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